What to look for in a DJ

May I Preview a DJ before I make my final decision?

Any DJ company with competent DJs will welcome a preview.

Though a preview may be a good indicator that the Entertainer you’ve chosen is right for you, it may not always be possible either as an element of convenience (the DJ may not have an appropriate function for viewing in the immediate future) or as a request from the Entertainer’s client (at a wedding a DJ may not have the resources to conduct a meeting while also performing for paying clients). Live previews are NOT the industry standard and therefore each company you consider may have different policies. As a matter of business practice, each company should at least provide recent referrals for you to follow up, letters of recommendation or, if available, a promotional video.

Will the DJ that I preview be the one assigned to perform at wedding?

The answer should be YES with no hesitation or doubt. This should also be backed in writing on the booking agreement.

What does the package include?

With a little research you may have found that some companies include extras such as microphones, dinner music or extra playing time with their fee. Each company offers different inclusions with their packages and therefore, it is vitally important that you discuss your specific needs with your entertainer and determine with them if there is to be additional charges to you. Again, make sure everything is written in your contract.

Early Set-up is a must. The DJ should not be bringing in equipment after the guests have begun to arrive. However, certain circumstances do not allow the entertainer access to the venue. Some venues have time restrictions on when they can arrive to set-up. In order to avoid this issue please contact your venue manager for their policy regarding this matter.

All Professional DJs should be using current professional quality sound equipment.

Background music is excellent to create atmosphere prior to the arrival of the bridal party. Dinner music is also a plus.

A four hour dance is the industry standard in Edmonton and surrounding area. An extra charge for the aforementioned services needs to be addressed. Background music, proper dress and conduct, use of the microphone, special entrance music and introduction to the dance floor are all a part of a DJ’s responsibility to the customer, and should not be charged additionally.

Delegate someone to be in charge of possible extra time, and make sure to clear any overtime with the venue supervisor.

What is the price?

The prices you may be quoted in the Alberta Capital Region can start as low as $450.00 and up depending on many factors such as experience, package enhancements, playing time and other unique services offered by that company.

Some DJs overcharge for their service. Customer research, therefore, is essential. Allow yourself to be critical.

Listen to the person on the other end of the phone. Does it appear that the sale is most important to this person, or do they want to ensure that you are properly informed and comfortable with their approach?

Are you being hooked by gimmicks? Prizes, or free stuff? Will you get a discount if you book right now? Beware!

What is a professional company?

There are many quality Disc Jockey companies available for various social events. These companies MAY choose to enroll in business associations like The Local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or industry associations such as AAME (Alberta Association of Mobile Entertainers) or CDJA (Canadian Disc Jockey Association). They MAY have their music libraries licensed through the AVLA (Audio and Video Licensing Agency) and some may have Liability Insurance. In the event of an emergency, they may also have back-up equipment and replacement DJs on call.

The members of AAME all must have AVLA licenses for copied music libraries. They also must have a minimum of $1million in liability coverage for each system in their employ. All members must have back-up equipment (or access to) and have access to or employ back-up Disc Jockeys.”

To fully understand the Association and it’s mission, please view our AAME Mission Statement.

Who makes the final decision?

This is not necessarily a question to ask, but rather one to be aware of.

Don’t allow yourself to be bullied into accepting a booking agreement, or contract, you did not ask for.

Always remember that the final decision on who will be the DJ for your wedding is YOURS and yours alone.

Do not allow that to be taken away from you.


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