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Who Can Join AAME?

Anyone in the Mobile Entertainment Industry:

  • Disc Jockeys
  • Karaoke Hosts
  • Hypnotists
  • Magicians
  • Trivia Jockeys
  • Sound Technicians
  • Light Technicians
  • Video Jockeys
  • Production Companies
  • Large or Small Companies

Why Should You Join?

Many Great Reasons:

  • Receive such benefits as:
  • networking with Industry Leaders
  • Continuing Education & Training
  • Legal Music Licensing
  • Reduced Rates on Insurance
  • Access to AAME Hot Line
  • Discounts on Products & Rentals from Participating Dealers
  • Page on AAME web site
  • Referral Business from Members
  • Advertise as an AAME Member

Additional Information

Things you should know:


If you have any questions about membership or membership requirements please contact the Membership Director or one of Executive.

The following information provides you with information about AAME Membership.

Once completed, please contact our Membership Director.

Membership Requirements

Applicants for Membership must meet the following per-requisites upon application.

  1. Must have registered their business with the appropriate provincial authority. A photo copy of registration must be attached to your application.
  2. Must use a written contract with the client one copy signed by you and the client. Contract should state all pertinent information clearly and concisely. A sample of your contract must be attached to your application.
  3. Must accept a deposit to hold the booking date.
  4. Should have a separate business telephone (preferred). However, a residential line is acceptable if answered in a professional manner stating your company name first.
  5. Business phone should be answered only by people able to accept bookings and answer questions about your company or must be able to either redirect the call to someone who can answer questions or at least be able to take a message for follow-up.
  6. Must have business cards and/or brochures to hand out. A sample must be attached to your application.
  7. Must carry public liability insurance for all your employees. (Available upon acceptance into A.A.M.E). If you already have public liability insurance a photo copy must be attached to your application.
  8. Must use professional equipment and use a minimum of two playback units at every function.
  9. Must have access to backup equipment and personnel. (Available upon acceptance to A.A.M.E)
  10. Must have suitable music for the type of functions accepted. A minimum standard of Great Rock, Power Traks, ERG or a similar library.
  11. Must have a suitable system for the type of function, size of hall, number of people and type of music being played. (Promise only what you can deliver).
  12. Must have a microphone.
  13. Dress and deportment must always be a high standard and appropriate for the function.
  14. Overflow booking must be offered to all other A.A.M.E. members before non-members.
  15. Must agree to keep all A.A.M.E. accounts up to date and attend monthly meetings on a regular basis.
  16. Members must always conduct themselves in a professional manner with other members, other disc jockeys, catering staff, hall staff, clients and the general public. All conduct should reflect positively upon A.A.M.E.
  17. Must agree to promote your company as a member of A.A.M.E. to the general public and your clients.
  18. Must be presently employed in the entertainment business in Canada and must attach to your application, references from three current (less than 6 months) clients including the client’s names and current phone numbers.
  19. Must be willing to work out all disputes with customers. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, must be willing to permit the executive board to aid in resolving the problem. All information is confidential.
  20. Must agree to adhere to all the standards and bylaws of A.A.M.E. as passed and amended from time to time and abide by and meet all the requirements of membership included herein.
  21. All membership applications will be approved by the board and voted in by at least 51% of A.A.M.E. members at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Voting is by secret ballot. Please contact Membership Director for information on meeting date and time.

Please complete the Membership Requirements Agreement form indicating that you have read and understand these Membership Requirements.

Membership Requirements Agreement

Please be sure that you have read the Membership Requirements above prior to completing this form.

Please complete, print and sign this document. The original signed copy of this form along with copies of all other mentioned documents must accompany your application.

  1. Membership Application
  2. Business Registration
  3. Contract
  4. Business Card and/or Brochures
  5. Insurance
  6. Music Library used (i.e. Power Tracks, ERG, Great Rock)

Membership Application

Please be sure that the following documents accompany your application.

  1. Membership Requirements Agreement
  2. Business Registration
  3. Contract
  4. Business Cards and /or Brochures
  5. Insurance
  6. Music Library use (i.e. Power Tracks, ERG, etc.)© 2011 Alberta Association of Mobile Entertainers.

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